With so much unreliable information out there in the teacher recruitment sector, it can feel overwhelming at times, not knowing where to look or who to believe.

Here at Teachola, we talk to you as a person, as we understand everyone has specific requirements based on their personal preferences. We focus heavily on this personalised approach as we understand this is what is sorely lacking in this industry.

We make a real effort to get to know you during our regular workshops so that we can fully understand your personal preferences and match you with the right teaching positions.

At Teachola, through our offices in Ireland and China, we have built up an extensive list of partner schools, some of whom we have worked with for over 10 years, so we trust them and they trust us.


International Teacher Placement Manager

Originally from Ireland, David has worked as a professional recruitment consultant in the international education sector since 2011. During his time in Asia, David taught a wide variety of age groups from young learners to older university students and everything in between, in a variety of locations including South Korea, China, Singapore and the Middle East.


Operations Admin Manager

Originally from Ireland and based in Wicklow, Claire has worked for 12 years in teacher recruitment operations, having previously worked for Microsoft and other IT companies in program management and operations administration roles.


Trusted by over 50 Schools & Partners