Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a stunning city with options to travel and discover more throughout this large emirate. It is surprisingly green, full of palm trees, beautiful flowers and generally beautifully landscaped wherever you go. The scenery is breath-taking, considered a top tourist destination, with beautiful sandy beaches and so many different entertainment options for young and old.

Abu Dhabi is considered very open minded and cosmopolitan compared to other parts of the Middle East. The climate is quite comfortable, with temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius from October through March, and in the summer, the weather reaches an average temperature of between 40+ degrees Celsius. As a very open minded city, one can consume alcohol in bars, restaurants, and hotels and there is a lively expat nightlife scene where you can expect to meet foreigners from all over the world working in a whole variety of industries, not just in education.

International expat friendly environment and tax free salary

Safe for solo travellers

Taxis; driving your own car; well-developed, cheap public bus system

Cost of living per month inc. rent: AED 4000 - 6000

Meal for two at mid-range restaurant AED 100

A beer for one AED 30-40 (always best for "happy hour"!)

One-way bus ticket: AED 2

Monthly gym membership AED 250-300


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