South Korea’s second-largest city is classier than your average port town with tonnes to offer.

From majestic mountains, great beaches, fish markets teeming with every species imaginable, chic designer cafes, casual tent bars, a huge selection of day spas and some pretty impressive hot springs, all topped off by the internationally renowned annual Busan International Film Festival. Known as the country’s summer capital, you will find country’s largest beach, Haeundae here. Whilst the beach gets pretty packed in the peak summer months, teachers are always delighted to discover that in the still hot months of August and September the beach empties out somewhat and is usually very quiet making it the perfect spot for chill hangouts. If you are the outdoorsy type, you can hike the mountains that ripple through the city. For food and culture thrills, don’t miss the Jagalchi Market, where you can eat sizzling street food and the freshest of seafood. If you want to dip into history, you will find the ancient Beomeosa Temple and the 14th-century Haedong Yonggungsa temple overlooking the ocean. It is fair to say Busan is a perfect alternative to the well-trodden option of Seoul.

Known for beaches, seafood and film

Safe for solo travellers

Advanced public transport

Cost of living per month inc. rent 370,000 – 500,000. KRW

Meal for two at mid-range restaurant 40-70,000 KRW

A beer for one 4-5,000 KRW

One-way Subway ticket 1-2,000 KRW

Monthly gym membership 85,000KRW


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