Possibly the most under-rated city in South Korea and an absolute favourite of the Teachola team, Daegu, in the south-central region is a hidden expat gem. The self-proclaimed fashion capital and home to pro baseball is so wonderfully compact you are never far from whatever is going on in the city.

Daegu’s cityscape is walled by mountains, making it a hikers’ dream. On the mountain tops you will find not just incredible views, but also Buddhist monuments like the impressive Donghwasa temple or the 1,100-year-old Gatbawi Buddha. Get back down to the bottom and avail of the dozens of local restaurants you’ll find adjacent to any hike trail in the city with a feast of local cuisine, or avail of the many bathhouses in the city adored by locals and expats alike. If markets are your thing meander the endless streets of Seomun Market, famed for its fabrics, and it is a staple street food paradise after nightfall. With a thriving expat scene, it is also extremely welcoming to those who chose to make it home. Picture weekends exploring the compact city and sampling the incredible food, the karaoke bars and the wonderful DVD-bangs (private cinemas). For group activities there are expat baseball and basketball teams, yoga classes, book clubs and trivia nights too. Daegu’s location makes it the perfect launching spot for weekend adventures. The Korean high-speed train (KTX) goes directly through the city and weekend trips to Seoul, Busan and other interesting areas are very simple, in the mid-summer heat you can be at the beach in an hour.

Known for hiking, nature and food

Safe for solo travellers

Advanced public transport

Cost of living per month inc. rent 370,000 – 500,000. KRW

Meal for two at mid-range restaurant 40-70,000 KRW

A beer for one 4-5,000 KRW

One-way Subway ticket 1-2,000 KRW

Monthly gym membership 85,000KRW


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