One of the most beautiful and magnificent cities in the world’’, according to famous explorer Marco Polo who visited Hangzhou over 600 years ago.

Hangzhou is a great city to live in as an expat teacher. There is a lively expat scene and plenty to do, with a relatively low cost of living. Hangzhou is located on the Yangtze River Delta and is less than 1 hour from Shanghai by train. If it is picturesque river scenery you are looking for, combined with ancient Chinese architecture, there is no better place than Hangzhou. The famous attraction here is the West Lake. Wineries, bridges, and pagodas all surround the lake in a beautiful picturesque setting.

Beautiful Lake scenery / Stunning temples

Safe for solo travellers

Advanced public transport

Cost of living per month inc. rent ¥7,000-¥9,000 RMB per month

Meal for two at mid-range restaurant ¥150

A beer for one .5l ¥6

One-way Subway ticket ¥3

Monthly gym membership ¥180


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