Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is as frenetic a city you will ever encounter, even by South East Asian standards. It is famous for its charm, chaos, coffee, pho, European infused architecture, traffic and, of course, motorbikes.

HCMC as it is affectionately known to those who call it home is another location with a thriving expat community, making settling in and making new friends relatively easy. Divided into districts, (but not the sinister “Hunger Games” type) each district has something fascinating to offer. In District 1, skyscrapers tower above gorgeous old French coffee shops and a plethora of cosmopolitan restaurants and museums. D2 is the place to go for upscale riverside brunches with Mekong views. This part of the city is also home to a bountiful number of expat watering holes and restaurants with international cuisine (if you want a break from all the pho) . The large Korean population in D7 means you can sample some of the best Korean food to be found outside of Seoul. It is also the perfect place to spend your hard-earned cash with a host of futuristic shopping malls that feature all the international brand names.

A gateway to Southeast Asia

Safe for solo females

Many expats living in the city

Cost of living per month inc. rent VND 24,000,000 per month

Meal for two at mid-range restaurant VND 500,000

A beer for one, .5l VND 19,000

One-way public transport VND 5000

Monthly gym membership VND 550,000 Back To All Cities


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