Kuala Lumpur

The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it is known to locals is home to roughly 7 million people. In terms of teaching locations, it is frequently overlooked, however it is the perfect choice if you are looking for a cheaper cost of living.

Those who decide to teach here can expect to save plenty of money. Just because you are saving doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy everything this city has to offer. KL is a food lovers and shoppers paradise, Malaysians take shopping very seriously and the city has what feels like an infinite number of malls, many of which would not look out of place on Vegas’s main strip. These malls feature everything you could possibly need or imagine; high end clothing and grocery stores, ultra-modern cinemas, ice-skating rinks, beauty salons, coffee shops, basically any western comforts from home you might be missing can be found here. When the sun goes down the city streets transform into an almost continuous open-air restaurant where you can sample pretty much every South East Asian dish in existence. For local cuisine, look no further than Jalan Alor for KL’s biggest collection of roadside restaurants and a unique food destination. Similar to other Southeast Asian cities, you are just a short trip to some of the most fantastic picture-perfect tropical islands and beaches in the world. Also, in the unlikely event you want to blow your savings, Singapore is not too far away either.

Imposing Petronas Towers and incredible mix of ethnic foods

Safe for solo travellers

Public transport could be better but it is as cost effective to take taxis in the city / ride sharing apps are also plentiful and inexpensive

Cost of living per month inc. rent 2-2,500 RM

Meal for two at mid-range restaurant 40-70RM

A beer for one, 2-3 RM

One-way Subway ticket 3 RM

Monthly gym membership 160-170RM Back To All Cities


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