Kuwait offers teachers the chance to earn a teaching salary with a premium benefits package while living in one of the wealthiest nations in the Middle East.

There are more opportunities here for teachers who don’t hold professional teaching certifications compared to other countries in the Middle East. Kuwait is a large city located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. Officially one of the smallest countries in the world, everything you need is usually just a short drive away. The culture in Kuwait is very friendly and welcoming for international teachers. As the purchase of alcohol is prohibited here, there is less of an emphasis on activities typically associated with drinking and more of an emphasis on eating out with friends. A lot of teachers like this more laid back approach to social life and teachers tell us it helps them save more of their earnings each month! With very competitive tax-free salaries on offer, along with other attractive benefits like a free apartment and the cost of utility bills covered, Kuwait is one of the best locations. As the cost of living here is significantly cheaper than Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Kuwait is ideal for any first timers teaching in the Gulf region.

Known for Tax Free Salary, impressive malls and less competitive jobs market

Safe for solo travellers

Limited public transport; taxis and driving your own car

Cost of living per month inc. rent KD500-800

Meal for two at mid-range restaurant KD25

A beer for one Sale of alcohol prohibited

One-way Subway ticket

Monthly gym membership KD30


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